C/B/P Nashville - Recording/Management/Production/Development
C/B/P Nashville is proud to offer an on-site studio that is available for any production project.

Our tracking space can comfortably hold a full rhythm section and is equipped with the following:


Shure SM 57 (x3)
AKG D 112  (1)
Cascade Elroy (x1)
Cascade Fathead (x1)
Cascade Victor (1)
Cascade 731 R (1)
Cascade V57 (1)
Cascade M 31 (x2)
Avantone CV 12 (x2)
Blue Bottle (THE BIG ONE!) 
AudioTechnica 2035 (1)
Sennheiser 421 (1)
Sennheiser  e609 (x3)


Outboard Gear
VP 26 Mic Pres (2x)
Hairball Audio 1176 (1)

Pro Tools 10.3.3
Logic 9.0 

Cue System

 P-16 (16 channel cue system) 

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